Yes! It is possible to visit exquisite restaurants while eating healthy. One must stay vigilant, refined, and true to themselves even during indulgent restaurant visits. Simple changes in one’s approach and style of dining can lead to the consumption of healthier meals, thus making restaurant visits meaningful and enjoyable!

Here are some strange but effective modifications that make eating out healthy

Control Portion Sizes
Fast food burgers will have bigger portion sizes than say, a Japanese sushi bar. Choose restaurants that have smaller meals or order dishes that are not as large. If your restaurant gives you the choice of selecting from a size chart of small, medium, or large, definitely opt for the smaller portion size!

Find Replacement Foods
Replace white rice with brown rice, fried chicken with steamed chicken, French fries with baked fries, white flour with mixed flour, mayonnaise with vinaigrette, etc. Finding healthy substitutions for unhealthy foods is a very practical and smart way of eating right!

Focus on Soups & Salads
Healthy soups and garden salads can be delicious and filling at the same time! Find restaurants that offer an eclectic range of classic soups and salads. This will add fiber and healthy nutrition to your diet and fill your belly faster.

Leave the Sugar, Grease, & Sodium
Sugar, fatty oils, and excess sodium are a deadly combination for extreme weight gain and unhealthy living. Sugar spikes your insulin and causes an influx of continual craving that seizes to end. Excess intake of sodium retains water and affects your endocrine system. Fried foods lack healthy nutrients that aid weight loss.

Limit Calorie Intake
Limiting caloric intake is crucial for any healthy diet plan or meal consumption. You must calculate calories and create a caloric deficit if you wish to eat healthily. Too much food consumption in terms of caloric intake can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and dissatisfaction.

Eat Slowly!
Yes, this sounds slightly weird, but studies have shown that slowly chewing your food reduces ghrelin secretion and tricks the brain into thinking that it has consumed a considerable amount of food when in reality it hasn’t. Slow eating is also a healthy habit that stops you from overeating or going on a gluttonous frenzy!