There are endless possibilities of burger toppings to choose which flavor your burger. The single rule about toppings is that there aren’t any rules!

Here are a few unconventional toppings we’ve selected for you!

Fried Egg
A versatile, inexpensive fried egg can toss a burger to the next level. Fried eggs with crispy edges and a soft oozing center add solid texture and indulgent flavors to the burger. It also amps ups the nutritional value of your meal thanks to the protein factor in eggs.

Grilled Veggies
You can place anything edible on the grill and it will taste way better with grill marks. With an abundance of thick veggies available, roasting a few before throwing them onto the bun really sparks that crunch your burgers were missing. You can fuse onions, zucchini, and tomatoes with a dollop of oil on to your grill or pan and add that healthy kick to your next meal!

A traditional coleslaw side dish adds creamy, sweet, zesty crunch to burgers. Since it is a cabbage and mayo combination, even a generous heaping doesn’t cost much, and that extra bulk can provide the same satisfaction with bigger patties!

Stuffed Mushroom
Stuffed mushrooms are rich in flavor and nutrition, giving your burger a double patty effect. Play around with the stuffing in the mushroom. You can combine flavors for a bacony, cheesy, herbal, or spicy effect!

Avocado is nature’s butter! It is rich, creamy, and can replace traditional condiments such as butter and mayonnaise. With its high-fat content, adding even a few slices can make meals more satisfying, keeping hunger at bay for hours.

Kimchi Salad
Kimchi is a spicy, salty, and sweet Korean side dish constituting of inexpensive cabbage, chilies, and onions. A small scoop of kimchi adds pungency, spice, and acidity, giving burgers a killer Asian flair and stomach-friendly probiotics as a bonus!

A Mediterranean blend of chickpeas and sesame tahini is packed with plant protein and subtle flavors. It enriches burgers with a Mediterranean twist and is creamy enough to replace conventional cheese and mayonnaise toppings. If you want your burgers to be healthy and hearty, choose hummus as a great topping instead of high-calorie sauces.

Serve up the most unique and delicious burgers with a vast selection of toppings available. There is an entire ocean of toppings to choose from. You can indulge in a hot and spicy flair, or embrace sweet and spicy as your new favorite. Either way, we encourage you to customize your burgers with a fusion blend of ideas so that you can see beyond the conventional!