A holiday supper has numerous segments. Nothing looks better than ‘pies,’ which is ultimately the genuine star of the day. You cannot forget the broiled turkey or side-dishes or even the wine. At the same time, you can also not miss tasting different pies like walnut pies, chocolate cream pies, and pumpkin pies, either!
Now you get to ask me, Which pie rules?

Apple Pie

A flaky, creamy, warm crusty, fruit-filled apple pie treat with dissolved vanilla frozen yogurt is a group pleaser. There is practically nothing more fulfilling than a nibble of the pies and crunchy apple pie pieces. Usually, an apple pie treat isn’t attached to a specific occasion but fitting at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even New Year’s.

Pumpkin pie

A spiced filling produced using whipped cream and a lighter-tasting form of traditional pumpkin pie is an essential portion of any Christmas season. You would enjoy taking a nibble of the pie in the mouth, for it is velvety, sweet, and generally delightful.

Chocolate pie

The thickness and filling in a chocolate pie is absolutely a blessing from heaven. When you take a bite, you can feel the sour cream piece that has been blended well with chocolate. Indeed, it is a perfect treat for all the chocoholics at your vacation family get-togethers. However, there is minimal assortment in this pie. The filling is at one surface, and the flavor is all chocolate.

Since you’ve got to know which pie fits which occasion. So, try one of these or all of these pies and enjoy every bite of it.