What are Over-Easy Eggs?

They are just fried eggs that have been cooked on both sides for a short measure of time until the egg whites are just set & the yolk is runny still.


Cooking eggs can be wondrously mind-boggling, yet unless you’re preparing a multi-step hollandaise or a fluffy meringue, there’s no compelling reason to overthink it. Simply don’t take your eyes off them and your fried eggs would do well to please your taste buds.

Ingredients –
● A large egg
● 1 tbsp oil or butter as per your choice
● Black pepper and kosher salt, according to taste

Directions –
● Heat the oil or butter in a nonstick skillet over medium heat.
● Crack an egg in the pan and then cook till the whites are starting to get firm, for about 3 minutes. Now slowly and carefully flip the egg to the other side, making sure that the yolk doesn’t break upon impact. Next, leave it where it landed for about 30 seconds, and flip again for returning to the yolk side, then transfer or slide it from the pan. You can repeat the procedure if required, and re-grease the pan as necessary. Reduce the heat in case it starts to burn.
● Sprinkle with pepper & salt and serve right away.

Additional Tip to Flip the Egg Right Without Ruining the Yolk

Flipping an over-easy egg is not a walk in the park, but it’s not rocket science either. Delicately slide a spatula under the egg’s fried side and lift gently from the surface of the pan. Tip the spatula gradually (yet do not hesitate or wait for long) until the uncooked side comes into contact with the pan, and then lay the yolk-side of the egg down. When the seal has formed, it would be easier to slide your spatula underneath it without damaging the yolk.

Now that you know how to prepare an over-easy egg, go ahead and try making one today.

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