Vermont has plenty of beautiful outdoor space. So what’s keeping you indoors?

Here are our top 3 places to have a great meal any place other than your couch

1. Family cycling trip

A great day out can begin with a hearty breakfast at home, followed by a day out on bicycles with your family, exploring the city. Discover trails and routes across endearing open scenery and connect with yourself and one another. Cycling always builds up your appetite, so be sure to pack your favorite snacks!

2. Camping

Carry your lunch on a day camping on the undulating hills that are spread across the terrain. You can always pitch a tent when you’ve reached your spot that’s in the lap of nature, and not in the lap of your couch at home. If nature beckons and cabin fever becomes unbearable, the best place is to let your body and mind relax under the open skies and a hot fire to heat your takeaway food. Find your perfect corner in the lap of nature, and never forget to be a responsible citizen and pick up your litter after camping.

3. Drive-In

Across Lyndonville and Vermont, the open country embraces all and people have settled in this expansive area and one of the best places to relax outdoors. Combine your favorite new movie at the drive-in and your favorite new restaurant serving the best takeaway cuisine to enhance your movie experience! Drive-in and takeaway is the recipe for a perfect day spent outdoors.