With stay-at-home restrictions being lifted gradually across the nation, many Americans are looking forward to returning to restaurants for quality dining. But with the virus still spreading, many remain cautious about the idea of eating out.

Here are some safety tips for dining out during the pandemic

There is light at the end of the tunnel and the good news is that there are still multiple ways to keep yourself and family as safe as possible while enjoying the delicacies of professionally cooked meals in a restaurant!

Eat Outdoors!

Enclosed dining isn’t as safe as open dining. Maintaining eye protection through glasses and intermittent mask use between sips and bites would help further decrease the associated risk of getting the virus.

If the food servers wear masks, is it enough?

If servers and waiters wear masks then this will afford a strong layer of protection, but customers eating and talking might still help spread the virus. Some states are regularly encouraging restaurants to limit each table to only a single server who delivers all of the items.

Cleanliness Is Key!

Regular washing of cups, plates, glasses and other utensils, and laundering of napkins and table cloths, will definitely inactivate the virus. The table should also be cleaned and disinfected between uses and marked as sanitized. Menus can be a bit more problematic, depending on the material used to make them. When in doubt, always wash your hands or use hand sanitizer on a regular basis.


Eating outside is back. Be cautious and careful, but also live life by eating right!