With stay-at-home orders and recommendations in place, our latest routines now have us doing everything with our partners at home. It is no surprise that the idea of a date night does not seem as exciting as before. While couples are spending more time together, many are foregoing the crucial aspect of connecting with each other.

This is, in fact, the perfect time to strengthen your bond and help each other feel more grounded and secure in the face of uncertainty. If you want to rekindle the spark between you and your partner, make sure that your at-home dates feel distinct and special.

Here are a few tips that will help you take back your date night and spend some quality time together at home!

1) Have A Picnic In Your Backyard

Plan a picnic together. It can be in your backyard, your balcony, or even your fire escape – the point is, just be creative while setting it up! Cook all your picnic favorites (mac and cheese, sandwiches, and the like), and don’t forget to get out of your pajamas. Put on a summery outfit to complete the feel!

2) Plan A Movie Night

A movie night is a classic idea that can never go wrong! Even if you have to enjoy it within the comforts of your home, you can still give it a fun spin by decorating the area according to the movie’s theme. Take turns to pick out the movies. This way, you will be making your partner happy and learn more about them.

3) Cook An Elaborate Dinner (Or Takeout)

Choose something that is hard to cook, or takes forever. While a tough recipe can be torture when cooking alone, it’s perfect for a date night where you want to just have fun with each other. If you don’t want to cook something complicated, order takeout from Everybuddy’s Casual Dining and enjoy a nice meal! Click HERE for menu.

4) Make A Scrapbook Together

If you are a creative duo, this idea is for you! You won’t need much to make your own scrapbook – an empty notebook, a scissor, and tape will do the job. Use your old photos, color papers, and hand-made sketches to give it a personal touch.

5) Plan A Creative Photoshoot

Discuss creative photoshoot ideas with each other and opt for one that you both agree to. Feel free to use the different objects you have at home to come up with intriguing or entertaining shots. Go online to find inspiration for your photoshoot and add your unique touch to it.

6) Host A Game Night

Turn your date night into a double date by getting another (or more!) couple on board! Use video calling to play games that can be played virtually. There are many games you can play – Pictionary, ‘Would You Rather’, ‘Never Have I Ever’ – to spend the evening in a thrilling, enjoyable manner.

When You Are Away From Each Other

Even if you are miles apart, you can use technology to bridge the distance between you and your partner.
● Find a museum that offers virtual tours and travel around the world without a passport.
● Send food deliveries (if you can) to each other and dine together through a video call.

We hope you liked these ideas! Call us at 802-626-8685 for any questions or to order food for takeout.