Everything around us has seemed to change. A new “normal” is coming into place, as some would say. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. Be it social communities or the world economy at large, each aspect of our lives is now required to adjust to the crisis that we are facing today.

COVID-19 has hugely impacted the hospitality industry, especially restaurants. Many restaurants have been asked by the government to shut down so as to prevent the spread of the virus. With new regulations coming up each day, the local restaurants are affected the most. Even if we were not facing this pandemic, supporting local restaurants helps your local economy.

Here are a couple of things that you can do to help your local restaurants weather this storm and support your local economy as well –

Turn To Takeout: Most restaurants are now closed to dine in. However, take out is still an option. Restaurants are abiding by the necessary practices of social distancing and maintaining proper hygiene. Since the restaurant is likely to be near your house, you do not have to worry about placing an order on short notice.

Write A Review: Finding some time to write a review for your favorite local restaurant may seem like a trivial thing to you, but it can hugely impact the restaurant. Not only would you be sharing your personal information on where to eat in your local area, but you would also give the restaurant good word of mouth.

Purchase A Gift Voucher: Buying a gift voucher that you can use at a later date is one of the best ways to support the local restaurants in your area. Most restaurants allow their gift vouchers to be redeemed up to six months after the purchase. Most of the restaurants happily extend this limit as well, if one is looking for greater flexibility.

Buy The Restaurant’s Cookbook, If Available: If your favorite local restaurant has a cookbook, now is the time to buy it. For starters, you always have the option of recreating a frequently-ordered dish at home. Secondly, you would be supporting the restaurant, adding to the local economy.

Use The Power Of Social Media: It comes as no surprise that a simple social media post can make or break something’s or someone’s image. Post a picture of your local restaurant or the dish that you love. Spread a good word about your local restaurants among your friends. A little shoutout goes a long way.

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