If you are hosting a Super Bowl party this Sunday, you may be clear that the party is less about the game and more about having good food. And the best way to make your Super Bowl shindig a success is to ensure you have the perfect appetizers to start the night off right.

Here are five popular party snacks that are always a big hit at small and large Super Bowl parties. They are easy to prepare, clean up after, and turn out to be light, healthy, and delicious. Do not forget to check in with guests who have dietary preferences or food allergies. If your party is a potluck, keep track of what others are bringing so people can enjoy a variety.

Chicken Wings

Starting the list with the ultimate game day food! Give your guests chicken wings that are crunchy and hot and witness your friends going crazy for them. Choose a sweet and spicy makeover or make them a little hotter and drizzle a little sriracha on top and let all carnivores rejoice!


When watching a football game, pizza is truly everyone’s favorite bite. To make your perfect pie, spread cheesy, tangy, or zesty fillings on the pizza crust and give the squad a piece worth fighting for. Whether you serve the guests a thick or thin crust, pizza will always prove to be a game-time dish.

Loaded Nachos

A plate of nachos is great, but loaded nachos are next-level. You can either choose a combination of cheese, meat, jalapenos, or experiment with an assortment of cilantro, chives, onions, and tomatoes. Serve nachos with salsa or guacamole, and the plate will automatically scream, “touch me, eat me, savor me!”


No super bowl fan can resist a big bowl of fresh guacamole! In fact, Super Bowl fans never like to go home without some guac! The snack is pretty easy to make in its purest form. Mash some avocados, mix them with fresh lime juice, diced tomatoes, and red onion, and season with chopped cilantro, ground cumin, salt and pepper, and hot sauce. You may even add cheese, nuts, seeds, and even fruits for infinite variations of guacamole.


What’s a Super Bowl without a margarita? Get a crowd’s worth of margaritas ready for the night! Ditch the bottled margarita mix and grab some frozen limeade, concentrated orange juice, and bottled lime juice for a delicious margarita cocktail. Prepare the mixture in advance and refrigerate it for up to five to six hours. Shake it up with ice before serving or pour it over ice and toast the big game just right!

You can even opt for take-out or catering for your Sunday Super Bowl party. Everybuddy’s Casual Dining is trusted for high quality and affordable American food such as steaks, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, wraps, salads, burgers, hot dogs, and more! So now, even the host can kick back and enjoy along with the rest of the guests. Happy hassle-free hosting!