For individuals living away from home, celebrating Thanksgiving the traditional way may prove to be a bit of a handful. After all, not everyone likes to spend two days cooking at home for guests and then cleaning the entire house for the rest of the week, especially when they have to do it all on their own.

An easy and sensible escape from this festive frenzy is to dine at a restaurant instead. The concept of dining out on Thanksgiving has evolved in a big way over the past few years. Today, you will find many restaurants that offer sumptuous buffets and delectable holiday-themed menus to make the holiday equally enjoyable for you and your loved ones.

So, is it more plausible to dine out on Thanksgiving instead of slaving over a stove? The question is for you to answer. However, to help you, we are discussing all the pros and cons of dining out on Thanksgiving in this blog. Have a look!

Let’s Look At The Cons First!

1) The Amount Of Food Depends On Your Spending
Unlike celebrating Thanksgiving at home, dining out may prove more expensive since the quantity of meals is usually less. The traditional giant turkey baked and stuffed to perfection is not always what you get on the menu and ordering different dishes can cost a bit.

2) You Can’t Invite Everyone
The holiday gives you an opportunity to meet and greet your loved ones. It’s not every day that your extended family members gather in one place. So, when you choose to dine out, you miss out on meeting the cherished ones since you can’t invite everyone to a restaurant.

3) No Leftovers
With no massive amounts of food being made, there are no leftovers either. This can be quite a let down for those who look forward to savoring the delights afterward.

What Are the Pros Of Dining Out Then?

1) You Enjoy A Meal With Holiday Ambiance
Whether it is because of work, travel, or some personal reasons, if you are celebrating Thanksgiving away from your family, you can still dine and enjoy the festive vibes at a restaurant. Most eateries at this time prep themselves in various Thanksgiving color schemes and offer a menu specially catered to people planning for holiday celebrations.

2) You Experience A Stress-Free Holiday
Hosting Thanksgiving at home has its own set of challenges. There are many things that can go wrong — your grandma’s stove may act up or your relatives may break into some weird argument. In all, the entire situation may prove to be stressful. By choosing to dine at a restaurant, you can skip the struggle and get right into delicious food and enjoy a good time!

3) You Can Be Selective With People
Thanksgiving is all about being grateful and enjoying a relaxing holiday with loved ones. You can do this with whoever you want, be it your immediate family members or friends. Since you are not hosting a party at home, you don’t have to invite everyone you know and this will make the event a little more sorted for you!

4) You Spend More Time With Loved Ones
If you are the one cooking for Thanksgiving, the chances are that you will be spending less time with the guests. While it is not something to complain about (as cooking for Thanksgiving is fun in its own way!), there are days when you just want to spend more precious time with those you don’t see very often. In such a case, dining out is a great option that you can consider!

5) You Decide Your Budget
Enjoying festivities doesn’t mean that you have to go broke. Given your preferences and budget, you can choose a restaurant that offers food at reasonable prices. While there are many restaurants that offer prix-fixe menus as well as à la carte specials for guests, others offer a standard menu with added holiday options. Do a little research on the restaurants offering Thanksgiving special and you will find yourself dining out without a second thought!

So make sure to celebrate your Thanksgiving in a fun way! Get all dressed up and go to a restaurant that has a reputation in the city’s dining scene! At Everybuddy’s Casual Dining, our friendly team will be waiting for you and your loved ones to come in and enjoy a scrumptious meal. Call 802-626-8685 to make a reservation!