It’s quite common for parents of young children to avoid restaurants and prefer eating at home. This is because of the fear that their child will spill the food and create a mess which will only prove to be a hassle to clean up.
Nonetheless, dining out is a necessary family activity that should not be put on the sidelines, especially when you have a family restaurant to go to like Everybuddy’s Casual Dining. Our place is cozily located in Lyndonville, Vermont, where we offer a range of high quality and affordable American food, including steaks, seafood, pasta, pizza, calzones, sandwiches, wraps, salads, appetizers, desserts, and more.
We also offer a unique kids menu with delicious appetizers and nutritious meals. Your kids will have plenty of options to choose from and have a good time!
If you are planning to take your kids out for dining, here are a few tips that will help you all have a great time!

1)   Choose A Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Not all restaurants cater to children or have a special kids menu with small portion sizes and meals. Hence, play it safe and call the food place beforehand to know if they can tailor dishes for your kids or have something on the regular menu that your children can eat. Buffets are also a great option as your kids will have many choices and can eat whatever they want!

2)   Be The Early Bird

Go early if possible. It will not only help you avoid the crowd, but also stop your kid from turning into an over-hungry, tantrum-throwing child. Dinner between 5-5:30 is perfect to keep your children satiated while keeping extra time in hand for evening activities.

3)   Pack Some Toys And Snacks

To prevent your kid from getting bored or restless, bring his favorite books, games, and quiet toys during dine out. They will keep him distracted as you all wait for your meals to arrive. Opt for simple games that you can play with your child, such as “I Spy” or “Simon Says”, and avoid electronics.

4)   Table Lessons Are Must

Children learn from their parents. The behavior and eating habits you model at home determine your kids’ behavior during a dine out. Make sure to tell your kids beforehand about how they must behave in a restaurant. Children of all ages should know how to sit at the dining table and eat their meals.

5)   Keep Your Orders Right

If your child is a picky eater, it is better to stick to his recognizable favorites than trying something new. Make healthy food choices for your kid and include appropriate portions. You can opt for a plate of pasta (penne, macaroni, or shells) that you know your kid can easily maneuver onto a spoon. Ask milder versions of food if your kid is sensitive to spicy dishes.

6)   Skip The Appetizers

When eating out with kids, it is a good idea to skip appetizers and order entrees directly. It will help you save time. Make sure to ask the server to bring your kids’ dishes first. You can also order mashed bananas or finger food that they can enjoy while waiting. If the food place allows outside food, bring a bag of crackers or grapes to keep your kids satiated.

7)   Be Considerate

Be considerate – both to your kids and others. If possible, take up the corner table rather than the middle one. This way, your kids will be out of other diners’ way and can eat in peace. If your children start creating disturbances, ask for the check, and leave without fanfare. Make sure to praise your kids when they behave well at a dine out!
Indulge in the best flavors in town with Everybuddy’s Casual Dining! We pride ourselves on providing high quality, homemade food to you. Visit us today or call us at 802-626-8685 for any questions.