Having a cookout is a great way to celebrate any special occasion. Grilling hotdogs and hamburgers, along with your family and friends on a summer day, can be a great bonding activity. We assume that you have your own recipes for preparing hot dogs and hamburgers which cannot be matched with any other recipe, but we are here to suggest a few tips to make your cookout food preparations more hearty and flavorful.

Add Additional Flavor To Your Burger Mixture
You can add just about anything that you like to your burger mixture. These may include fresh or dried herbs, fresh minced onion, garlic, seasoning mixes, olives, chopped tomatoes, diced chilies, crumbled bacon, and minced ham. You can also add your favorite cheese, such as blue cheese and goat cheese. Adding your favorite toppings will help add flavor to your burger mixture.

The Right Amount Of Salt At The Right Time
Do not mix salt in the mixture, especially if you are not going to grill the patties right away. Adding salt to the mix before actually cooking the patty will extract the moisture from the meat, leaving you with dry burgers. Instead, put salt on each patty right before grilling them which will retain the real flavors, while maintaining the moisture in the mixture.

Let The Flavors Do Their Magic
Leave the mixture in the refrigerator overnight to allow the flavors in the mix to mingle. Proper refrigeration of the mix allows the flavors to infuse their taste in the patty when you cook it. Doing so will help you prepare a patty with a delicious taste.

Temperature Matters
If the grill is too hot, the patty burns on the outside and does not cook well. Thus to be safe, keep the temperature of the grill at medium-low or medium for the best-cooked patty. Also, keep the lid of the grill closed as it shortens the cooking time and retains the moisture as well.

Just Turn Once
To retain the flavors in the patty, turn it once while grilling and try not to press it with a spatula. Doing so might squeeze out the flavorful juices in the patty and leave a bland taste.

Cook The Sausages Instead Of Boiling Them
If you opt for boiling the sausages for a hot dog, it is a bad idea. Boiling releases the flavor of the sausages in the water, leaving them with a bland taste. We suggest you either grill or pan-fry the sausages for the best hotdogs. This ensures the true flavor of the sausages is retained, and you get a perfectly cooked sausage for your hotdogs.

Be Creative In Your Hotdog Recipe
Adding fresh basil leaves, balsamic ketchup, cheese, cherry tomatoes, nachos, pickled jalapenos, and peanut sauce are just a few ways to keep the taste of your hotdogs interesting. A classic hotdog is everyone’s favorite, but you can always experiment with the flavors and ingredients for a spellbinding cookout.

Cookouts are fun, and it’s all about the memories that you make while spending time eating and bonding over good food. Which is why at Everybuddy’s Casual Dining, we offer the best breakfast, lunch and dinner and our roof or yours.