Who doesn’t love pizza? During the warm summer months, the last thing you want to do is to use your oven and heat up the whole house. Avoid ordering out, and take advantage of the warm weather and try grilling your pizza instead. Not only will it keep your house cooler since you won’t be using your stove, but the high temps of the grill will get dinner on the table in no time at all!

People are often intimidated by grilling pizza because they are afraid of charred crust or flames, but once you master the simple methods outlined below, you will have the perfect crispy pizza. Make sure you have your dough and toppings ready to go, and you are ready to begin grilling your pizza.

Here’s what you will need to get started:

-Pizza dough—you want to make sure your pizza dough is not rolled out too thin when grilling.

-Tomato sauce- store bought or homemade is great

-Cheese—mozzarella melts really good as well as asiago or grated parmesan.

-Toppings—anything that you and your family love. Try using fresh herbs, sliced vegetables, pepperoni, prosciutto, chopped greens, tomatoes, etc.–the possibilities are endless!

-Olive Oil

-And of course a grill

Step 1
Heat the grill-Aim for around 550 degrees, and if possible grill your pizza over direct heat.

Step 2
Have your toppings close by the grill, you need to build your pizza quickly once it is on the grill, so having them outside by you is a must.

Step 3
Brush rolled out pizza dough with olive oil

Step 4
Grill one side of pizza —(usually 1-2 minutes) but remember each grill is different and cooking times may vary, keep on eye on the pizza, it cooks quickly!

Step 5
Flip pizza over with a pair of tongs and top with a thin layer of sauce, your toppings and of course the cheesy goodness. Remember to be quick with this step.

Step 6
Cook the pizza, with the lid closed (approx. 3-5 minutes). If you feel like your pizza is burning, open the lid and move the pizza to a cooler spot on the grill until the toppings are warm and the cheese is melted. The edges should be crisp and well done but not burnt. Remember to let your pizza cool a few minutes before serving to avoid the dreaded tongue burn!

Grilling pizza is a great way to utilize your grill in the summertime. Invite some friends and family over, open up a bottle of wine, let everyone build their own pizza combinations and enjoy pizza night outside.