Eating healthy with the seasons is important. Foods that are in season are more affordable, fresher and packed with the highest amount of flavor and nutritional value. In fact, including seasonal foods in your diet helps your well-being, economy, and environment.

Healthy Seasonal Spring Foods

It’s spring! And it’s time to plan out a light and fresh menu for the coming weeks and months! Walk into your local supermarket, and you’ll find plenty of spring root vegetables and leafy greens to add to your meals.

What’s Healthy About Them?

Spring foods are packed with super fibers. Bursting with macronutrient, these foods keep you full, clean you out, and make achieving your health goals easier.

Planning A Seasonal Menu

We’ve compiled a list of 7 foods that are available in your area every spring. As many of these foods will only be around for a few weeks of the season, you better make use of them fast.

#1 Fiddleheads

Only available for a few weeks in early spring, these delicate spirals are packed with manganese, vitamin C, vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and potassium. Fiddleheads keep you full, help lower blood pressure and protect against heart attack and stroke.

How to Eat Them: Soak them briefly in cold water with some lemon and salt. Drain and steam them. Now, add them to the skillet with butter and cook on each side for a couple of minutes. Add seasoning, and enjoy!

#2 Pea Greens

Peas last only until June. They are loaded with Vitamins C, K and B, as well as protein, manganese, and phosphorus, making them a fantastic anti-inflammatory spring food.

How to Eat Them: Make your food healthier by adding peas to salads, smoothies, tacos, stir-fries, and noodles. You can even cook and mash fresh peas to give your kid a surprising seasonal snack.

#3 Ramps

Ramps have the sweetness of leek and pungency of garlic. Only around for a short season, this plant is rich in vitamins A and C and chromium—a mineral involved in carbs, fats and protein metabolism.

How to Eat Them: You can savor them raw, grill them with asparagus, make a pesto, or whip up a light spring soup.

#4 Arugula

Abundant in vitamins A and K, folate, chlorophyll, fiber as well as water, Arugula helps minimize inflammation, improves hydration and allows detoxification.

How To Eat It: Discover the magic of Arugula by adding it to your Caesar salad, Thai steak and noodle salad or Spaghetti, serving it with grilled chicken, or making a drinkable herbaceous soup.

#5 Asparagus

A really great source of vitamins K and B as well as copper, selenium, and many other essential nutrients. Asparagus is good for heart and bone health, cancer prevention, and your overall health.

How To Eat It: Simply sautée it with garlic and sea salt in some oil, or even add some vegetable or chicken stock. Don’t cook it for more than 10 minutes! Make sure the asparagus stays vibrant green and retain its original shape.

#6 Rhubarb

The unique taste of this plant makes it a standout staple in grocery stores. Rhubarb is a natural constipation aid and potential cancer fighter. It is a vegan source of calcium as well as high in vitamin K, vitamin C, iron and manganese. The leaves of this plant are poisonous, and only the stems can be consumed!

How To Best Eat It: Wash, dry, and cut the stalk at the root and leaves. Remove the stringy fibers. Trim stems into 2-inch pieces, add cinnamon, honey, lemon zest, and vanilla extract to Rhubarb and roast in a 350-degree oven for about half an hour or until it is soft. Serve on top of Greek yogurt and sprinkle crunchy pistachios.

#7 Nettles

Nettles are used as a significant source of food, fiber, and nutraceuticals. An abundant spring green, nettles are also a gentle diuretic. You can use this spring plant to cleanse the body of toxins.

How To Best Eat It: Enjoy them as a hot tea, throw them into a soup, steam them and serve with butter and add lemon juice or simply include them raw into a smoothie. Take into use only the thin stems around the tips and toss out any thick, fibrous stems.

Take advantage of anything available in your local farmer’s market! Enjoy spring and all the great foods this season has to offer.