Much has been said about the New England breakfast in the culinary world. A traditional New England breakfast typically consists of meats, eggs, pastries, and sides. This variety of foods perfectly sums up the bits of American history that have influenced its cuisine and gave the food its distinct identity.

The English Influence On Food

New England’s food culture derives much inspiration from colonial times. When Puritan people settled here decades ago, they brought various culinary traditions with them. They started harvesting native fruits such as blueberries and cranberries, which became a significant part of our Thanksgiving dinner and everyday breakfast. It was also during this period when potatoes became a food staple.

Breakfast Of New England

A quintessential New England breakfast consists of a variety of fried meats, including bacon, ham, sausages, or corned beef hash. The meal may have a single kind of meat or combination of different meats, mixed with eggs (over-fried or sunny side up, scrambled or poached – any way you like them), and home-made chips or fries (made up of chunks of grilled, boiled potatoes). The entire ensemble is then accompanied by fried bread of some kind, typically jonnycakes or pancakes, along with English muffins, rye slices, and toasted wheat. Sometimes, a platterful of delicious Boston Baked Beans is also served on the side. In towns that are at the seashore, regular breakfast features fishcakes as well.

Mouth-Watering Breakfast Around The World

When it comes to breakfast, many countries believe in having a wholesome meal in the morning. Here are some of the best-loved breakfast options from different cultures around the world.
Iranian breakfasts are known for being elaborate and incredibly delicious. Fried eggs served with freshly cut cucumbers, savory vegetables, tomatoes, creamy yogurt, and naan bread is a typical breakfast. Another well-liked breakfast is Halim – a mixture of wheat, butter, sugar, and cinnamon cooked with shredded meat in traditional pots.

United States

Breakfast in America is as diverse as its landscape. Although there are many options, a typical morning meal includes eggs, toasts with bacon or sausages accompanied by any beverage (milkshake, coffee, or orange juice). Another popular breakfast option is pancakes served with chocolate sauce or maple syrup.


China features a range of breakfast options going from hearty to healthy. We all know about their age-old love for dumplings. But apart from that, Chinese people savor food cooked in a blend of subtle spices, such as Chinese crullers or oil sticks served with warm soy milk, sesame balls, and fried turnip cakes.


Venezuelan breakfast is often considered the best breakfast in the world. Full of starch, meats, fruits, and cheese, their palette has a unique and flavorful touch to it. Food like grilled chorizo, savory cheese-filled arepas, chicken, avocados, and eggs keeps you full until it’s dinner time!


One of the famous Egyptian breakfasts is Foul Madamas. It is a dish made up of fava beans, chickpeas, garlic, and lemon. The mixture is then topped with olive oil, tahini sauce, hard-boiled eggs, green veggies, and some cayenne pepper. There are multiple variations of this dish, however, the main ingredients remain the same in all.


Not too many food options are presented in a traditional Russian breakfast, and the color palette is relatively simple. Still, for those who prefer simple yet delicious meals, a plateful of kasha (a type of porridge) and blini (blintzes) is just perfect to start the morning with.


A proper Japanese breakfast includes a lot of fish, tofu, fermented soybeans sided by rice and miso soup. Rice cakes stuffed with a variety of filings are another popular option in a Japanese breakfast. Japanese meals are known to be extremely healthy and wholesome.


When it comes to morning breakfasts, French people are minimalists. A toasted baguette with jam, honey, butter, or Nutella is what they would typically eat in the morning in France. However, customization options are also available with toppings.

Hope you enjoyed our picks from the best breakfasts around the world.