Grilling a perfect steak is an art only a few have mastered! All because preparing a steak involves more than just taking a slice of meat out of the refrigerator and slamming it on the grill. In fact, it is about creating a juicy, flavor-packed steak that is cooked evenly on both sides and is melt-in-your-mouth tender, enough to tantalize even the biggest food critics in your family!

Want to achieve that perfect steak, prepared to everyone’s liking? Commit to these simple tips that will have you grilling your steak like Bobby Flay!

1) Give your steak the time to warm up!

Steak, if just taken out of the refrigerator, should be allowed time to come to room temperature. Grilling a chilled steak will only increase your cooking time and will give you a tougher, poorly cooked steak. Hence, take your steak out an hour before your meal preparation so that your piece of steak achieves perfectly tender and juicy doneness when grilled. Remember not to let your steak stay out for too long as this can foster bacteria growth, resulting in foul smell!

2) Season your steaks well.

Got some gorgeous thick-cut fillets ready to be grilled? Now is the time to go generous with seasoning! For an ultimate grill, first, rub some oil and then sprinkle a little salt on both sides of the steak. Place it flat on a wire rack and let the steak rest for a few hours. The salt helps retain its water and gives you the best juicy meat when grilled. Next, pat the slices of steak dry with paper towels and salt again with kosher salt as its sizeable grains help your steaks get a superior crust. Finally, crush some whole peppercorns but don’t bother to powder them as their uneven size of pieces will help add crunch to your steak as well as an element of spice.

Let the seasoning rest well on the steak so that it has time to penetrate deep into the meat for an amazing flavor.

3) Prolong the searing for a flavorsome steak.

To develop the hundreds of flavors and a distinct aroma, spend more time searing your steak. Let your steaks sizzle directly over heat until they turn brown and charred on their surface. Most steaks sizzle perfectly over high heat. However, take the steaks off heat if they cause flare-ups. High heat can burn some thick-cut fillets on the surface long before the ideal internal doneness is achieved.

Hence if your steak is thicker than an inch, go for sear and slide method. Having seared both the sides nicely, cook your steaks over direct heat for a while then slide it to the other end of the grill that is moderately hot, or over indirect heat. Finish cooking them up there safely.

4) Grill with care!

Cook your inch thick piece of steak for about 2-3 minutes on each side first for surface cooking, then for next 4 minutes for medium cooking, and then for more 5-6 minutes to achieve the perfectly cooked steaks. Remember to turn the steak only once each time; otherwise it may end up losing its juices. Always handle your steaks gently using a pair of tongs as they don’t pierce through the meat, causing the juices to escape.

To check if the steak is done, press at the middle of the steak using the back of the tongs. The steak will feel soft when it is only surface cooked, springy when medium cooked and quite firm when it is perfectly cooked!

Now place your perfectly cooked steaks on a plate and cover them with foil. Let them rest for about three to five minutes as this will allow the muscle fibers to loosen up and the juices to settle in. This will give you a tender and delicious steak that everyone will love!

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