There’s still time to get that summertime body into shape, right? If you are still prepping and working off the winter fluff, make sure that you are getting the right amount of protein in your diet.

Protein gives structure to cells, builds lean muscle mass and acts as a backup source of energy when carbohydrates and fat are not available.

When it comes to protein intake, there is so much more protein in the world than just the powder supplements that are sold at a health store. Before those powders hit the shelves, people of many different walks of life got their protein from more natural sources like food.

Here are the highest protein counts in your favorite foods that you can get at our all-American diner:


How familiar are you with the classic movie Rocky? Do you remember the part where Sylvester Stallone is training as Rocky and he downs a glass full of raw eggs? Many people do, and that scene probably grossed out just as many people. Despite the ick factor of downing eggs, there is a legitimate method to the madness: eggs are high in protein.

However, you don’t have to go around downing glass after glass of a dozen raw eggs to get the benefits of the protein-rich food. On average, each large egg has about 6 grams of protein. Not only is that a lot per egg, you have a variety of ways to make them. Eggs can be served over easy, hardboiled, scrambled, and so much more!

Chicken Breast

Not to be outdone by eggs, chicken breast is a great option for those seeking more protein in their diet. In fact, if you someone to say to you that you needed more protein in your diet, chicken might be the first thing you think of because it’s almost synonymous with protein.

And for good reason too. You can find around 24 grams of protein per 3-oz. serving of chicken breast! So if you eat an 8-oz. piece of chicken breast, that bad boy is packing the protein punch of 60 grams! That’s not a bad way to get the protein you want, right?


There are very few things better than a delicious piece of steak. Many people refer to steak as the tuxedo or king of meats. There is definitely an argument to be made because steak can be lean, easy to cut, and delicious to the taste. Oh, and it’s protein value is great too.

On average, steak can have about 23 grams of protein per 3-oz. serving. Similar to the count in chicken but as we mentioned earlier, steak is a great tasting meat that never goes out of style. So if you’re tired of chicken, get your protein intake with steak.

Ground Beef

If steak is the king of meats, ground beef might as well be considered a prince of meats because it too is really tasty. Not only is ground beef delicious, but it can be turned into one of the greatest inveåntions of all-time: the hamburger.

We have delicious mouth-watering burgers that will satisfy your hunger and also put back the protein your body needs. On average, ground beef has a rate of 18 grams of protein per 3-oz. serving.

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