When it comes to getting a well-balanced meal for breakfast, your meat could make or break that deal. To fill you up and help you feel right, your meat should be full of protein and delicious to satisfy your hunger, right?

Here at Everybuddy’s Casual Diner, we have all the meats that could satisfy any hunger for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any other meal you want to come up.

Here are a few of our favorites that make for a good breakfast:


There are so many uses of the beautiful cow aren’t there? One of the most important things produced though is steak. Steak can be like manna from heaven. It is very rich in protein, lean, and depending on how you want it cooked, it can be very tender.

Nothing says “I am ready to take on the day” like a good piece of steak with eggs on the side. Lucky for you, we have great steak breakfast options to beat the hunger demon that resides in your stomach.


Let’s clear up some things about ham. Ham is not back bacon, middle bacon, or even Canadian bacon. Ham is a piece of delicious meat that comes from the upper part of the pig’s hind leg.

Like steak, ham is high in protein, delicious, and a perfect meat choice for your breakfast. Ham can come in slices, cubes, or in a whole big chunk. Enjoy your ham paired with eggs and toast or inside your omelet. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.


What happens when you take a hamburger and turn it into a smaller, lighter version made of pork rather than beef? You get one of the best breakfast items around with sausage. Sausage comes in either patties or links and it sure to satisfy. We make our sausage to a nice golden brown from the griddle to lock in the flavor that will make your mouth water for days.

Like ham, our sausage is great in combination plates and inside the omelet. The hardest part about choosing sausage is deciding how you will indulge for breakfast.


Is there anything more perfect in the morning than a nice plate of bacon? We are willing to bet there is not. Bacon is manna from heaven. It is delicious to the taste and the most desirable of all breakfast meats.

You can try our bacon as the perfect companion to your waffles, eggs, pancakes, on top of burgers, whatever you want! Bacon goes with everything and is the one thing everyone can agree on being delicious.

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